Airflow Stain Removal

Airflow stain removal £48

Airflow tooth polishing removes stains from your teeth without harming the enamel. Airflow tooth polishing removes the deepest stains caused by smoking, coffee consumption, and use of certain medications. It also reaches into periodontal pockets to eliminate bacteria that can cause significant dental problems later.

If you are looking to remove tooth staining caused by red wine, tea, coffee, curries or smoking then our Airflow treatment could be just the ticket.
Although this treatment is not a tooth whitening therapy, the Airflow will significantly improve tooth brightness and give you a noticeably sparkling fresh healthy mouth in an instant.

Life Benefits:

  • Simple and quick solution to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth
    • Removes unwanted visible staining from your teeth
    • Cosmetically enhances the appearance of teeth
    • Leaves your mouth feeling refreshing clean and sparkling
    • A perfect treatment before a special occasion

Airflow polishing is a hygiene cleaning treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water and fine powder to blast away stubborn stains and any plaque gently and effectively on your teeth, returning them to their natural whiteness. It can be compared to a mini jet wash of your teeth.

The tooth surface is not damaged during this cleaning procedure. This method is quick and painless allowing reaching and cleaning all those difficult to access areas such as the tight spaces in between the teeth. Your teeth will look and feel refreshingly clean. This is also an ideal method to remove any underlying stains or scale before having tooth whitening treatment.

This treatment does not include chemicals and poses no risk to patients. Airflow is an advanced polishing treatment that allows you to walk away the same day with amazingly clean results.

Airflow gets into the nooks and crannies of your teeth, giving you a really effective and overall hygiene clean, leaving you with healthier teeth and gums and a naturally brighter smile.

For great results we usually book this as an extra boost to your smile after a hygiene visit. Your teeth will feel fantastically smooth and fresh after Airflow polishing.

Airflow cleaning is a great way to brighten your smile simply and effectively. It will remove surface staining but will not lighten the base colour of the teeth. Stains that are removable include tea, coffee, wine, curry, chlorhexidine and tobacco.

The treatment lasts around 30 minutes, during which time the teeth will be cleaned with the air/water/bicarbonate jet. This may be combined with ultrasonic staining for any tartar which may need to be removed. Anaesthetic is not required, and the cleaning is pain-free. The only thing is that you may get a little wet.

Airflow is ideal as an add-on after your usual hygiene appointment for busy people, especially for professionals who engage clients every day and want to look their best.

Your teeth will certainly look whiter and brighter as Airflow returns them to their natural whiteness. However, tooth whitening is still the best solution for improving the whiteness of your smile by any more than two shades. Airflow is perfect after a hygiene session and before whitening to ensure you get the best results from your whitening treatment.

This depends entirely on your diet/smoking/cleaning habits. If you are a big fan of tea, coffee, red wine and curries, you can expect the staining to return over a few months. If you rarely have these and are a thorough brusher at home, teeth can remain stain-free fur up to a year.

Most patients who choose Airflow Cleaning will have the procedure around once a year, and also just before any special occasions (perfect for weddings!).

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