Anti-Snore Guards

Anti-snore guards available from £400

These are anti-snoring mouthpieces that fit in your mouth, covering your teeth like a gumshield. These devices work by positioning your lower jaw (your mandible) further forward (or advancing it). Snoring comes because of a narrowed airway.

Snoring and OSA have always been at the very heart of S4S Dental Laboratory. It was the key reason we were established, and it remains, to this day, a passion of both directors and staff alike.

Offering a range of dental appliances for the treatment of sleep disorders, our gold standard appliance is the Sleepwell – the most clinically-proven MAS for snoring and mild to moderate OSA.

Too often the sufferer, or their bed partner, are not aware that their dentist can play a large role in the treatment of these conditions and how effective a mandibular advancement splint can be.

Intra-oral appliances – mandibular advancement splints (MAS)
The MAS is the most common form of intra-oral appliance used in the management of sleep breathing disorders. Though there are considerable design variations, all MAS posture the mandible forwards with a degree of vertical opening.

Elimination of aggravating factors
It is prudent, however, to eliminate potentially contributing factors: abstinence from alcohol and caffeine during the evening, avoidance of central nervous system depressants and adequate control of co-existing chronic obstructive airway disease (asthma or hypothyroidism).

Sleepwell – a clinically-proven treatment
Exclusive to S4S and our key product for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea, the Sleepwell is the most patient-friendly MAS on the market with a success rate of over 80% (in fully apnoeic patients). It is also the most technically advanced. Tested in a randomised controlled cross-over trial against CPAP and a placebo, the full clinical trial information can be found below.

It is designed with internal splint fixing, allowing lips to close around the device to prevent dryness and/or excess salivation associated with other splints. High levels of patient comfort meant that during clinical trials over 98% of patients found the device acceptable.

Sleepwell snoring appliance.
Key Benefits:
• Internal fixings result in high patient comfort
• Full-patient adjustment
• Soft, slim-lined two-piece device meaning full lateral movement
• Freedom of movement, reducing likelihood of appliance becoming dislodged
• Mitigates potential TMJ stress
• Clinically proven and effective

An alternative to the Sleepwell, the Silensor consists of upper and lower hard splints, with a soft inner lining for patient comfort.
The bi-laminate guards are connected using two interchangeable plastic arms, which can be lengthened if necessary, to advance the mandible and maintain the patient’s airway.

Dorsal snoring appliance
Our newest offering for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea, the Dorsal appliance is a two-piece device that consists of upper and lower splints.

The lower splint has two adjustment screws that act upon the fin-shaped acrylic arms of the upper splint. The device allows the patient to advance the mandible in small increments with the use of an appliance key to activate the screws.

Negus snoring appliance
The Negus is a one-piece, non-adjustable, appliance that can be created in various materials. The appliance is set with the mandible in a protruded position to maintain the airway and prevent it from dropping back during sleep to obstruct the airway.

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