Dental Mouth Guard

Protect your teeth with our custom-made dental mouth guards, available from £150.

What are Dental Mouth Guards?

Dental mouth guards are devices worn over your teeth to protect them from injury and prevent more wear on the surface of the teeth. Also known as bite raisers, a bite guard, and a dental night guard, the mouth guards work to relax the jaws, protecting them from joint problems that could eventually occur. 

Suitable for helping to prevent excessive teeth grinding (also known as bruxism), our dental mouth guards even out the pressure across your jaw and create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage. 

What are the Pros and Cons of a Dental Mouth Guard?

  • Protects your teeth from damage
  • Getting used to wearing a mouth guard
  • Prevents jaw pain, tooth pain, and headaches
  • Requires following instructions for the best results 
  • Reduces discomfort for a good night’s sleep


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At Beaulieu Dental, our friendly team of dentists will be able to guide you through the process and provide expert advice on how to treat bruxism and protect your teeth from injury. 

To learn more about our Dental Mouth Guards, or any of our other treatments, contact us today by filling out the form, or simply call us on 01245 465586. If you are searching for a local and reliable dentist in the area, then get in touch to come and visit our practice in Chelmsford. 

How to Treat Bruxism

Bruxism affects over 80% of the population at some point in life, and it can be debilitating for many sufferers. Despite being prevalent and on the rise in the UK, bruxism is often overlooked and misdiagnosed. Bruxism can cause serious and painful side effects, including headaches, migraines, and jaw pain.   

If you believe you are suffering from bruxism, get in touch with our team today for a consultation, and check out our range of treatments below. 

Mouth Guards and Mouth Splints

If you grind your teeth while you are sleeping, it may be recommended that you wear a mouth guard or mouth splint at night. Working to even out the pressure across the jaw bone, mouth guards or splints create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth, protecting them from further damage. 

Mouth guards are similar to those used in sports such as rugby or boxing. Made of rubber or plastic, they can be custom-made by your dentist to fit your mouth. While a cheaper option, mouth guards usually last for less than a year. 

Mouth splints are made from harder plastic, and designed to fit precisely over your upper and lower teeth. They are just as effective as mouth guards in reducing symptoms of bruxism, however mouth splints can last for several years.   

Sleep Clench Inhibitor (SCi & SCi+)

Previously known as NTI-tss, the SCi is an FDA-approved treatment for bruxism and medically diagnosed migraines. With excellent clinical results, the SCi and SCi+ are proven to relieve patient symptoms. 

The SCi is designed to be made during an appointment, though we also have the SCi+ which is lab-made. Designed to be quick and effective, the SCi typically takes 10-15 minutes to be made and correctly fitted, and has excellent patient acceptance and compliance with scientifically proven efficacy. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SCi.    

Treatment Cost and Denplan

At Beaulieu Dental, our dental mouth guards are available from £150. 

We are proud to be able to offer our patients Denplan Care, which provides our patients with a really easy way to spread the cost of all their routine treatments into affordable monthly payments. For more information, call us today at 01245 465 586.



If you have a fixed brace, you can have a custom-made mouth guard that is designed to fit over the top of the brace. Get in touch with our dentists to find out more.

To ensure your mouth guard lasts as long as possible and keeps your mouth healthy, it is important that you are taking good care of your mouth guard. To keep it clean:

  • Clean your mouth guard after every use, using toothpaste and a toothbrush, or washing it in cool, soapy water. This will remove any lingering bacteria. 
  • Store your mouth guard in a protective case that allows for ventilation. This will let it dry out completely and help prevent bacteria from growing on the surface.

Unlike store-bought mouth guards which can change shape and degrade within a few months, a custom-made mouth guard can last for several years depending on care. 

Mouth guards worn by children may need replacing more regularly as their mouths continue to grow.

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